MamaCha Mala, Nashik

MamaCha Mala, Nashik


Seeking for  family-cum-friends eating place with village based theme ? MamaCha Mala in Nashik is the perfect destination you should head towards. Know more by scrolling down here!



Address: MamaCha Mala,

Makhmalabad Mhasrul Link Road

Nasik 422003

Timings:  –

Phone:  -

Closed On: –

Food: Maharashtrian food.

Category: Theme Family Restaurant.

Price range: Moderate.

How to reach: MamaCha Mala, Nashik.

MamaCha Mala is  near to Makhmalabad Village on Girnare Road. A famous spot and the helpful ‘local’ will guide you to the place flawlessly.


MamaCha Mala Entrance

MamaCha Mala Entrance

A perfect place with an awesome idea! MamaCha Mala in Nashik is an excellent agricultural theme based hangout destination for your entire family and group of friends. Newly open in the introductory months of this year (2015) , it has already snatched the attention of the Marathi food lovers.

MamaCha Mala - Misal Pav

MamaCha Mala – Misal Pav

MamaCha Mala is yet another chulivarchi misal place in Nashik. This place is refreshing as its falls in the farm area and has proximity to many real farms. The lush green, fresh-air,  calm and traditional Maharashtrian Restaurant gets full marks for ambience.

MamaCha Mala - Indian Sitting In huts

MamaCha Mala – Indian Sitting In huts

The food here is majorly served in brass utensils in with Indian sitting in traditional huts architecture. The chulivarchi misal-pav offered is delicious and mouthwatering prepared in local spices and style. This is also an USP of this place. A clear depiction of village culture.

MamaCha Mala - Village Theme

MamaCha Mala – Village Theme

MamaCha Mala is and initiative to boost the Argo-Tourism. And they have a bit lot succeeded in their endeavor.

MamaCha Mala , Nashik

MamaCha Mala , Nashik


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