Sayantara Sabudana Vada – Nashik

Sayantara Sabudana Vada – Nashik




Sayantara Sabudana Vada is one of the oldest landmarks in heart of the Nashik City. Crunchy, delicious, fresh and tempting vada is best hot- eaten at this food joint. To visit – Read More!



Address: Sayantara,

Gadge Maharaj Putala, Naikwadi Pura,

Koknipura,Nashik, Maharashtra 422001

Phone: +91 94231 75919

Timings:  – 11 AM to 11 PM

Closed On: –

Food: Maharashtrian food – Fasting Menu .

Category: Family Restaurant and Bar.

Price range: Moderate.

How to reach: Mirchi Family Garden Restaurant, Nashik.

Sabudana vada is compelling and irresistible Maharashtrian snack mainly prepared from sabudana (sago) mixed with coarse roasted peanut powder; boiled potatoes and green chillies also go great in the recipe.

Sayantara is a reputed food joint was started way back in 1967 by Bhavsar family. The sabudana vada was sold on a handcart initially, a few years later it was tapri was installed at the place. Now its one of the most crowded food joints in the city flocked with people. This deep fried snack in light on stomach and u will crave for more though its stomach filling.

Sayantara Sabudana Vada - Nashik

Sayantara Sabudana Vada – Nashik

The Hindu fasting days find a major footfall at this yummy destination. They have a a unique tasting chutney too which you may only find here.You get all the food permissible for the upwaas (fast). To name a few are fried poatato sticks, poatato chiwda, potato kachori, sabudana khichdi; dink laddo here is also awesome.

Sayantara Sabudana Vada - Nashik

Sayantara Sabudana Vada – Nashik

Shashikant Bhaurao Bhavsar-second generation of the Bhavsar clan who now manages the Sayantara now commented they are able to retain the same taste and liking despite many change of cooks for several years is due to the same material vendors accompanied with the proper recipe.

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    we have enjoyed this sabudana wada ( sabudana thalipith ) since 1968.
    That time it was 50 paise per plate. whenever we go to our native place nasik we must visit this place. Spacially chutney is vary nice.


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