Hotel Chaitanya, Malvan

Hotel Chaitanya, Malvan



An amazing awesome destination for mouth-watering  authentic Malvani Cuisine. Make a point to atleast have a meal at Hotel Chaitanya when you visit Malvan Read More!




Address: Dr Ballav Marg, Main Market,

Somwar Peth, Malvan, Maharashtra

Timings: 11:00 am to 12:00 midnight.

Phone: –

Closed On: –

Food: Authentic Malvani Food.

Category: Family Restaurant.

Price range: Moderate

How to reach: Hotel Chaitanya, Malvan

Hotel Chaitanya in owned by Smt. Surekha Walke. The main USP of this restaurant is authentic local Malvani food. Its located very near to the Malvan bus depot. The proximity to Malvan Bazar makes this Maharashtrian Restaurant a busy place.

Promfet Thali

Promfet Thali-Chaitanya

The hotel has two sections viz. A/C and Non-A/C sections. The staff is polite and are majorly ladies. You may ask for suggestions and they can even explain you the dish in case you get confused about “What to Order!”  The food serves fresh fish and all the varieties of fresh seafood. The ambience is good compared to other restaurant in Malvan. The portions of food (food quantity) are huge enough to fill your stomach. What makes this place even more special is the descent pricing.

Surmai thali-Chaitanya

Strongly recommended the fish thalis here. Though this eataery is known much for Non-Vegetarian food, it may be called a veggie paradise too. It offers an ample yummy option for vegetarians too in the Malvan locality.

Crabs - Authentic Malvani Style

Crabs – Authentic Malvani Style

Hotel Chaitanya in Malvan has won the Times Now Foodie Award in the Best Local Cuisine Category. This Maharashtrian Restaurant is also appreciated by local newspapers eg. Maharashtra Times.

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    खूप छान जेवण मिळाले आम्हाला.मी गेली पाच सहा वर्षे या ठिकाणी भेट देत आलो आहे .सुरेख मॅडमी जातीने गुणवत्तेवर लक्ष देतात .यावेळी 3 ऑक्टोबर ला वकील मित्रांसोबत जेवायला गेलो होतो.श्री.मित्र यांनी खूप चांगली व्यवस्था केली .चांगले आदरतिथ्य केले .आभारी आहे एडवोकेट पटेल


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