Sadhana Restaurant (Chulivarchi Misal Pav) – Nashik

Sadhana Restaurant (Chulivarchi Misal Pav) – Nashik



Here we are! The perfect destination to eat a delicious and spicy at the start of your day in Nashik. The place is called Sadhana Restaurant where you get  authentic Chulivarchi Misal Pav cooked traditionally.




Address: Sadhana Restaurant (Chulivarchi Misal Pav),

Hardev Baug, Motiwala College road, Bardan Phata, near Someshwar,

Nashik, Maharashtra.

Phone: +91 9730801025

                +91 9373937310

Timings:8:00 am – 2:00 pm

Closed On:

Food:  Snacks, Misal Pav.

Category:  Restaurant.

Price range:  Premium.

How to reach:Sadhana Restaurant (Chulivarchi Misal Pav), Nashik

They can be called the pioneer of ‘chulivarchi misal culture’ in Nasik. The misal here is prepared on chul i.e. on earthen stove fired by wood giving the eatable a smoky flavor. This place a bit away frm the city s great for breakfast outings. To gel with surrounding scenic nature they have made the ambience is pleasing , nature-hugging ;small huts taking the people back to the old era or the village locality. This place turns to the real misal lounge on weekends as people flock here to enjoy their hot-fiery-spicy breakfast.

Sadhana Restaurant - Jalebi

Sadhana Restaurant – Jalebi

The other main item here is jalebi ! The menu is dedicated mostly to misal, such that speciality of restaurant i.e. chulivarchi misal is enjoyed by people. The food items like chass, lassi, pan etc. also available here.

Sadhana -Chulivarchi Misal Pav

Sadhana -Chulivarchi Misal Pav

Sadhana Restaurant (Chulivarchi Misal Pav) can be given the credit of revolutionalising the misal business in  Nashik. To add to all the above, these originators have TM for the Chulivarchi Misal Pav.

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